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Dutch fashion designer Claes Iversen designed two dressed for the label Just B. What they look like? Very chic and feminine! And black and little, of course. Just the way I like them. The good news is, they retail from €109,95 to €129,95. For a Claes Iversen!

I’m glad to hear good news about Claes Iversen, since he last most of his collection during a fire in November 2009.

My favorite dress of the two? The black one with sparkling buttons all over it. Want it!

You can get yours at Dressesonly.nl

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Someone once asked me ‘you wear a lot of black, don’t you?’. I didn’t really realize it, but yes, I wear lots and lots of black. It’s chic, goes with anything and it looks good on me… although. That’s what I thought!

Today I learned that (as experts say) ‘only one in five people has the proper skin tone to pull off black clothing. For the other four in five, black clothes emphasize bags under the eyes, make wrinkles look darker and deeper, and can even create the appearance of fissures or dark spots in irises.’ At least, thats what the experts say on Daily Mail.  

‘Warm skins do not cope well with black against their faces as it takes away all the golden glow that they have as a basic skin tone,’ Mrs Standish said. What those  ‘warm skins’ are? Apparantly, it’s based on yellow, orange and gold colours.

To be honest, I’ve never seen someone wearing black that made me think ‘oh dear, that’s so not your colour!’ So use the advice in the way you want, meanwhile I’ll continue wearing black!

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Regular readers may know that I like Little Black Dresses ánd online shopping paradise Net-a-Porter. So you can understand that the following appealed very much to me:

Net-a-Porter.com made a digital magazine version: The LBD Issue. Designers and Fashion experts share their opinion about the dresses that are top 10 LBD’s in Net-a-Porter’s history. Of course, you’ll see Kate Moss, Princess Diana, Coco Chanel and even Betty Boop. Who’s on number 1? See for yourself!

The LBD Issue by Net-a-Porter.com

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The other day I told you guys about the new LBD collections by Viktor & Rolf. Looks like the LBD virus is contagious, because not only Viktor & Rolf are designing a line, dutch designer Daryl van Wouw designed three versions of the little black dress for this Christmas.

The dresses are made of different fabric (leather, silk etc) and are fabulous. You can get them at your Daryl van Wouw store!

Ps. Will everybody stop making fabulous things NOW. My christmas wishlist is overflowing!

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I love Viktor & Rolf. I can’t help it. So you can see why the following news got me exited. They are designing five little black dresses! And not just now, every season they will make five different versions of the LBD.

For their first LBD collection, they call ‘Black Dress Capsule Collection’, they designed very chic dresses like a strapless mini-dress with a huge bow on top or a straight dress that ends just above the knee and has a chiffon upperside.

Prices start at 730 euros and you can get them at your Viktor & Rolf boutique’s!

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