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This friday I was assisting the Dutch designer Mada van Gaans at a special one day shop filled with designers. I came across this designer called Sacha Lannoye, who’s designs caught my eye.

There were necklaces saying ‘blablabla’ or ‘yadayada’. My favorite thing was the pair of pumps that said ‘max 20 kg’.

Check out her website at SachaLannoya.nl

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People can be very materialistic and love their things like it’s alive. You know, like some men have a relationship with their car, some women have a relationship with their shoes.

In Celine’s case, the designer probably has a certain relationship with bags, ’cause the new bagline has a little extra. It almost looks like they have a face. Is that on purpose, or did it sneak in the design in a way of bag-love? You be the judge!

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This week was filled with museum visites. I also visited the Centraal Museum in Utrecht where the exhibition ‘Stof tot nadenken’ by Alexander van Slobbe was.

A complete exhibition about the Dutch designer Alexander van Slobbe and his label Orson + Bodil. You will see the vision of the designer, his minimalistic yet advanced designs and there is even room to make your own Alexander van Slobbe dress.

The exhibition starts with the fabrics that Alexander uses and the way he adapts the fabrics he uses. Halfway the exhibition, the room is filled with hanging mannequins wearing the minimalistic designs. On the floor you can see the patterns that are used for these designs.

The exhibition closes with an area where you can get behind the sewing-machine and make your own Alexander van Slobbe dress. The only thing you have to do is bring your own fabrics.

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Alexander McQueen, Genius of a Generation, and a genius he was. This biography about the late designer is the first one to come out since he passed away.

More than 120 iconic images capture the dramatic and thought-provoking concepts of his catwalk shows made by the dark genius Alexander McQueen.

The 128-page telling book will be on sale from may 7th at ACblack.com for £19.99.

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In the spotlight: The Freedom collection by Dutch designer Bas Kosters. ‘The Freedom collection consists of two parts. The first part tells a story about the freedom, fantasies and joy that people experience during their childhood. The second part illustrates the grown up view on a world where we try to forget about the wars, violence and crisis, by dressing up ourselves in glamorous outfits.’ as it says on the website of Bas. See for yourself!

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The king of Pantherprints started it’s own weblog!

Roberto tells on his weblog that he is glad he finally created his own weblog: ‘This is my way to feel close to you, to talk with you, to listen and advise, to share with you my successes and sometimes my problems.’

The weblog will be – of course – about fashion. Roberto is really serious about his role as entertainer: ”I will try to make you smile, not with fairy tales but with real stories of my life. A long life, full of emotions and adventures. I am here to prod you, to help and encourage you. Do not forget that I love you!’

 The way the blog looks is not really that fashionable yet, but what not is yet, can come!

Go check out Roberto Cavalli’s blog!

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