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Must watch: Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2012 Backstage Film via ELLE.nl

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This week, I visited the exhibition Zwart (Black) in the Antwerp’s Fashion Museum. An exhibition filled with the most beautiful black gowns by Givenchy, dressed made of hair by Iris van Herpen, a movie by Gareth Pugh and more.

Not just designs we’ve seen on the catwalk, but also hystorical and traditional black clothing along with the history of the black clothes. Of course, the Little Black Dress by Coco Chanel couldn’t be absent.

There is even, how unruly, a black wedding gown by the brilliant Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf made of black silk satins.

As we see in the art of painting, black  is a genius way of playing with the light. That is way this exhibition closes with the part ‘Meesters van het licht’ (Masters of the light). Outfits made out of feathers, synthetic hair, lace or 3D-creations. That is where you’ll find some genius pieces by Yohji Yamamoto, John Galliano, Patrick van Ommeslaeghe and Alexander McQueen.

Definitely a must-see. If you are under 26 years, the exhibition will only cost you 1 euro.

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Alexander McQueen, Genius of a Generation, and a genius he was. This biography about the late designer is the first one to come out since he passed away.

More than 120 iconic images capture the dramatic and thought-provoking concepts of his catwalk shows made by the dark genius Alexander McQueen.

The 128-page telling book will be on sale from may 7th at ACblack.com for £19.99.

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I feel a new trend coming up. In stead of ‘less is more’, the new big (!) thing is going to be: the bigger, the better. Plus-size models are making their way up, newspapers go from tabloid to big size (…okay it was an April fool’s joke, but still!) and some magazines likes Harpers Bazaar go twice their size.

This new phenomenon, probably generated by the crisis (we want more value for our money!) will also be big in fashion. It-bags will be huge and heels will be ‘Alexander-McQueen-Pyhton-shoes’ size.

Just like this gigantic Chanel 2.55 bag in shiny gold. What do you think? The bigger, the better? Or keep it clean and simple and stick to ‘less is more’?

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Fashion Fringe is looking for new talent! And John Galliano is helping them.

Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden is looking for cutting edge, iconoclastic talent in design and creativity to continue the tradition of Vivienne Westwood, Hussein Chalayan and the late Alexander McQueen. Where Donatella Versace helped Fashion Fringe at first, it is now John Galliano’s job to find the new fashion genius.

“I am hoping we find a rebel genius. I will look for someone who reminds me of me when I was starting out – someone original, unique, who has their own style and handwriting and isn’t afraid to try something new. Fashion sometimes gets scared and plays it too safe – but I want to push boundaries,” he said.

Are you that fashion rebel? Go take a look at FashionFringe.co.uk.

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The first rays of sunshine are shining and I long for cute new summer shoes! Shoes for this summer are bigger, higher and more spectacular. Clogs were seen by Chanel and Louis Vuitton. The ones by Alexander McQueen were extreme and very alien-esque. Viktor & Rolf decorated them with flowers. Further we see colour and all sorts of shapes.

Pictures by Peter Stigter.

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In an interview with New York Magazine Ali Stephens talked about the ridiculous demands by designers. She told them the late Alexander McQueen wasn’t a designer who’d be rude or unpleasant.

Ali Stephens told NYMag that it actually happens a lot that you can be kicked out of a show for not fitting in a dress. “I’m not the typical skinny — I have hips. I love my body but I’m not one of the girls willing to starve themselves for fashion, so I do what shows I can but I don’t, pressure myself to fit into the sample sizes.”

She was hesitant to admit that European shows demanded skinnier models. “No, it’s true. It is. It makes no sense to hide it,” she said. “You have to speak out about it. Europe is definitely, I think, skinnier. But it all just really depends on the designer and their aesthetic, which I respect. So I understand if I’m not somebody’s ideal. You know, so whatever works for them. But it’s always important to remember that models are humans. We’re not just ghosts.”

Go Ali!

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