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Go out with a bang. That is what I am trying to do, by showing the new Chanel s/s 2011 collection. I have decided to quit blogging, although it kind of hurts, it’s for the best. Thank you all for reading and following, you were the best. The blog will still exist, because of the articles I wrote. That way, people can still read all the fashion news from the past.

How on earth can a 77 year old German guy know exactly what fashion needs? Apparently, it is possible. Where other would have retired, Karl Lagerfeld is Kaiser of the Fashion World. His latest collection for Chanel blew me away, once again. This man has never dissapointed me. What a hero. His collections always remain ‘Chanel’, but yet are innovative and fresh. As his latest collection is. Secretly, I never want this man to retire. Karl, if you are reading this: don’t ever stop and become at least 200 years, please?

For bigger pictures, I recommend: ELLE.nl

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I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been very busy – good busy – with trips, work and internship. I’m also trying to ‘heal my addiction to my laptop’. So I’m sorry, you’re going to have to entertain yourselfs these couple of weeks.

I do wan’t to give you this, enjoy. And I hope to see you guys around, in August!

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It looks like this week is going to be a Chanel week. Not a very big coincident: Chanel is probably my favourite label. The Chanel Cruise collection this year is fan-tas-tic. Starring the gorgeous Georgia May Jagger that looks a bit like Brigitte Bardot (another personal hero), the clothes are real eye-catchers.

We see knee-high boots, lots of earth-tones, seventies wide-legged and high-waisted pants and long summer dresses. Exactly the way I want to look in summer! The show was ended with the model of the show (…Georgia indeed) on a motorcycle with a very cool guy driving her.


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Hurray! Where the show of Chanel’s Cruise 2011 collection was a party itself, the campaign ad’s are candy for the eye. With the beautiful Georgia May Jagger as face of the campaign, the ad’s are magnificent.

The lovely Georgia poses near a stunning car with an evenso stunning guy in there. The ‘daughter of’ has a je-ne-sais-qoui attitude while the guy is obiously intrigued by her. Who wouldn’t, in those outfits.

My favourite ones? Below!

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What is up with the iconic black leather gloves of Karl Lagerfeld? Did he decided to throw them away, or even give them away to Coco Rocha?

I don’t know what he did, but he was caught on camera with his new studded silver gloves during a black-tie dinner hosted by Ralph Lauren. By the way, try to get your copy of Vice Magazine, there is an interview with Karl for at least 4 pages!

Ralph and Ricky Lauren and Karl Lagerfeld

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New fashion, new campaigns. That means, new faces in the campaigns. Who will be the face of Chanel? And who is Fendi’s new model?

Rumour has it that Marc Jacobs chose two new girls for the Louis Vuitton 2010 campaign. No more Lara Stone, and no Elle MacPherson or Bar Rafaeli, the new faces of the Louis Vuitton campaigns are  Natalia Vodianova and Christy Turlington.

Face of Dior is, if we can believe the rumours, the beautiful Karlie Kloss. Karl Lagerfeld chose the gorgeous Anja Rubik for Fendi. Karl was already caught shooting Freja Beha Erichsen and Abbey Lee Kershaw for his new Chanel 2010 campaign.


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We love Karl. And Karl probably loves himself aswell. Because he seemed to have made an exact copy of himself for the French Coca Cola Light (the European Diet Coke). There’s just one thing. Karl isn’t starring in the advertisement himself, but Coco Rocha is. (Is anybody feeling a lot of Coco’s and Coca’s up here or is it just me?)

Coco wears what Karl usually is wearing. In a flattering, feminine way of course. Baptiste Giacobini is also in this ad, duh. You can get your own bottle at Colette, a limited edition boxed version of the bottle, with matching bottle opener, priced from 47 euros.

Funny detail: Coco Rocha is wearing Karls gloves in the advertisement.

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First shots! Karl Lagerfeld shooting the new Chanel a/w 2010 Campaign.

Karl Lagerfeld is strutting the streets of New York with his favorites: models, his camera and Chanel fashion. He is shooting the new Chanel a/w 2010 campaign.

The designer stepped into an cherry picker and braved towering heights while his models posed on the fire escape. No Claudia Schiffer this time, the models in this shoot are Freja Beha Erichsen and Abbey Lee Kershaw.

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