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Someone once asked me ‘you wear a lot of black, don’t you?’. I didn’t really realize it, but yes, I wear lots and lots of black. It’s chic, goes with anything and it looks good on me… although. That’s what I thought!

Today I learned that (as experts say) ‘only one in five people has the proper skin tone to pull off black clothing. For the other four in five, black clothes emphasize bags under the eyes, make wrinkles look darker and deeper, and can even create the appearance of fissures or dark spots in irises.’ At least, thats what the experts say on Daily Mail.  

‘Warm skins do not cope well with black against their faces as it takes away all the golden glow that they have as a basic skin tone,’ Mrs Standish said. What those  ‘warm skins’ are? Apparantly, it’s based on yellow, orange and gold colours.

To be honest, I’ve never seen someone wearing black that made me think ‘oh dear, that’s so not your colour!’ So use the advice in the way you want, meanwhile I’ll continue wearing black!

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