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Usually I’m all but love for every Dutch designer. I thought I liked Claes Iversen a lot, turns out, he is very pro fur. Yesterday I heard the news that he received the Fur Innovation Award. I can’t believe that 1. there is such a thing and 2. that Claes is pro fur. Well Claes, that’s it for me. No more news about Claes on this website.

Personally I’m totally against fur, what an arrogant person you are when you think it’s okay to kill animals for your coat.  A couple of famous dutch people organized a protest during the Fur Innovation Awards. Among them was dj WannaBeaStar. (see picture below). She and some more people like Georgina Verbaan are asking everyone to ‘have a heart’. You can help. Sign the protest on http://www.bontvoordieren.nl/

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Dutch fashion designer Claes Iversen designed two dressed for the label Just B. What they look like? Very chic and feminine! And black and little, of course. Just the way I like them. The good news is, they retail from €109,95 to €129,95. For a Claes Iversen!

I’m glad to hear good news about Claes Iversen, since he last most of his collection during a fire in November 2009.

My favorite dress of the two? The black one with sparkling buttons all over it. Want it!

You can get yours at Dressesonly.nl

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Hurray! January is thé month of Dutch Fashion. It is the month of Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

You know what that means, make sure you get to be there and wear your most fabulous outfits!

And I got the programm for the A/W ’10 Fashion Week:

Wednesday 27th January
18.00 Openingssoiree
18.30 Jan Taminiau
21.00 Mattijs 

Thursday 28th Januaru
13.00 Elsien Gringhuis
14.00 Karssenberg/Greidanus
15.00 Individuals by AMFI
18.00 Mada van Gaans
21.00 Camilla Norrback

Friday 29th January
13.00 Nõn by Kim
15.00 Collectie Arnhem
18.00 Claes Iversen
20.00 And Beyond
21.00 SuperTrash

Saturday 30th January
15.00 OntFront
18.30 EnD by Eva and Delia
21.00 C’est Brillant, Les Icônes & Michael Barnaart van Bergen

Sunday 31th January
11.00 Breakfast at Amsterdam
13.00 Hyun Yeu
15.00 Claudia Sträter
18.00 Replay
21.00 Bibi van der Velden

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Bad news. Very bad news. Dutch designer Claes Iversen has lost most of his collections due to a fire. Only his last collection survived.

I can’t imagine what that must feel like, to have put everything into your collections and than, just like that, it’s gone.

I wish Claes all the luck.

Claes Iversen s/s '10, photo: Peter Stigter

Claes Iversen s/s '10, photo: Peter Stigter

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Sure, I live in a little country, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have talent! It’s more the opposite: we have só much talent. Especially when it considers fashiontalent. Just to name a few: Viktor&Rolf, Daryl van Wouw, Claes Iversen, Paul Herbers (head of Louis Vuitton man), Spijkers & Spijkers, Monique Collignon and I can go on and on like this.

Yet again we can be proud of our fashiontalent, the Dutch designer Iris van Herpen is on her way to big international succes. From the 23st of November untill the 6th of December you can find her collection in the British luxury store Harrods!

So, if you don’t live in Holland, but love her designs anyway, go to Harrods for your own Iris van Herpen!

Iris van Herpen, Radiation, S/S '10

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