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Rough shoes named after an unnamed space flight from NASA in 1964 called Gemini 1 or crystallized stone called Agate: The shoes for the new s/s 10 collection by Acne.

These shoes have rusty heels and they look very industrial. Funny detail: you can detache the other two heels, since you only walk with the middle one. They’re more of these industrial heels on the website of Acne, but these ones are my favorite.

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Hurray, sale has begun! Since we don’t really like fighting over a pair of shoes anyway, we buy our sale purchases online. And that’s where – our online shopping hero – Net-a-Porter comes in.

And it’s lovely. A Luella shirt for only  €45, a Day Birger et Mikkelsen blouse for  € 77 or a See by Chloé shirt for  € 80. And that’s just to start with!

I fell in love with the Stella McCartney Zebra-print wool clutch for only  € 195. And the Studded Leather Miu Miu heart purse for just  € 90!

So shop your sale purchases at: www.net-a-porter.com

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Frozen heels


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