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Hurray, it’s almost Amsterdam International Fashion Week! This wednesday fashionfolks will dominate the streets in Amsterdam. Shows by Bas Kosters, Jan Taminiau, Spijkers&Spijkers, Monique Collignon and more and fashion party’s everywhere.

There’s one party in particular that I love, it’s the Anti Fashion Party, organized by designer Bas Kosters and my favourite dj, miss Wannabeastar. It’s been held almost at the end of Fashion Week, so that when your feet can’t handle anymore heels, your hair can’t handle the hairproducts and your out of fabulous outfits: here’s the party where you can wear anything you like as long as it is ANTI fashion.

Dresscode this edition is Bananes and Meatballs. That’s right, we’re raising the roof untill we can’t dance no more.

Be there:
Saturday 29th of January 2011
Westerliefde (around Westergasfabriek), Amsterdam
Costs 9,99.
Dresscode Bananas & Meatballs

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Yes, it is Paris Fashion Week, but I just wanted to take a look at the Mulberry show from New York Fashion Week. It was so happy and colourfull, I loved it.

Lots of orange, purple and blue in a sophisticated, girly and chic way.  It seems Panther is really making it’s way back, cause you see it in so many shows. Of course, Mulberry showed some of it as well. Good news for doglovers, you can get your own outfit for your dog as well! All in all a cute, girly, slightly sixties collection by Mulberry.

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Hurray! It’s Paris Fashion Week! Today I want to take a closer look a the Rochas collection that was inspired by Cactus Flower, a film from 1969 starring Goldie Hawn. A very colourful, sixties collection. Very retro, but very cute.

There was lots of limon and green, and here and there a pantherprint came by. All in all a very editorial collection.

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Hurray! January is thé month of Dutch Fashion. It is the month of Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

You know what that means, make sure you get to be there and wear your most fabulous outfits!

And I got the programm for the A/W ’10 Fashion Week:

Wednesday 27th January
18.00 Openingssoiree
18.30 Jan Taminiau
21.00 Mattijs 

Thursday 28th Januaru
13.00 Elsien Gringhuis
14.00 Karssenberg/Greidanus
15.00 Individuals by AMFI
18.00 Mada van Gaans
21.00 Camilla Norrback

Friday 29th January
13.00 Nõn by Kim
15.00 Collectie Arnhem
18.00 Claes Iversen
20.00 And Beyond
21.00 SuperTrash

Saturday 30th January
15.00 OntFront
18.30 EnD by Eva and Delia
21.00 C’est Brillant, Les Icônes & Michael Barnaart van Bergen

Sunday 31th January
11.00 Breakfast at Amsterdam
13.00 Hyun Yeu
15.00 Claudia Sträter
18.00 Replay
21.00 Bibi van der Velden

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