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Check out the new edition of Fur Free magazine (with me as the Editor in Chief) here.

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Usually I’m all but love for every Dutch designer. I thought I liked Claes Iversen a lot, turns out, he is very pro fur. Yesterday I heard the news that he received the Fur Innovation Award. I can’t believe that 1. there is such a thing and 2. that Claes is pro fur. Well Claes, that’s it for me. No more news about Claes on this website.

Personally I’m totally against fur, what an arrogant person you are when you think it’s okay to kill animals for your coat.  A couple of famous dutch people organized a protest during the Fur Innovation Awards. Among them was dj WannaBeaStar. (see picture below). She and some more people like Georgina Verbaan are asking everyone to ‘have a heart’. You can help. Sign the protest on http://www.bontvoordieren.nl/

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