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Go out with a bang. That is what I am trying to do, by showing the new Chanel s/s 2011 collection. I have decided to quit blogging, although it kind of hurts, it’s for the best. Thank you all for reading and following, you were the best. The blog will still exist, because of the articles I wrote. That way, people can still read all the fashion news from the past.

How on earth can a 77 year old German guy know exactly what fashion needs? Apparently, it is possible. Where other would have retired, Karl Lagerfeld is Kaiser of the Fashion World. His latest collection for Chanel blew me away, once again. This man has never dissapointed me. What a hero. His collections always remain ‘Chanel’, but yet are innovative and fresh. As his latest collection is. Secretly, I never want this man to retire. Karl, if you are reading this: don’t ever stop and become at least 200 years, please?

For bigger pictures, I recommend: ELLE.nl

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Alexander McQueen, Genius of a Generation, and a genius he was. This biography about the late designer is the first one to come out since he passed away.

More than 120 iconic images capture the dramatic and thought-provoking concepts of his catwalk shows made by the dark genius Alexander McQueen.

The 128-page telling book will be on sale from may 7th at ACblack.com for £19.99.

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This season you saw them everywhere on the catwalk, from Rodarte to Chanel: tattoos. Not real ones, of course. They used transfers and bodypaint. I have to admit, the Chanel tattoos are very pretty. That’s probably what Chanel was thinking as well, because you can buy them. What? Buy a bunch of fake tattoos?

That’s right! Just like you used to do as a kid (admit it, you walked around with the tattoos that came with bubblegum). Well, it is very high fashion nowadays. You didn’t ever think that would happen, now did you?

Besides that, it has many more benefits than a real tattoo: It goes off (very important), it’s chanel (also very important!) and they only cost you fifty euros!

Les Trompe L’œil de Chanel, set of 55 individual tattoos, £49 by Chanel

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Today in ‘In the Spotlight’: Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. Not your average designer, but then again is there such a thing as an average designer?

For his summer 2010 collection he created T-shirt with prints of Donald Duck, dresses with a parrot on the shoulder, outfits with a very high pirate value and he gave most of the models a little hat with gauze. Yes, even the men.

His fashion can be described as very cartoon-esque with a touch of humour. Not for everyone, but when it’s your thing, you’ll love it.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac S/S '10

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Every now and then there is a fashionshow that catches your attention. For this Summer, the show in Paris by Alexander McQueen caught my eye.

Alien-ish models walking up and down the catwalk wearing futuristic outfits and incredible platform shoes.  Not necessary a show that wows you because of beauty, but a show that wows you by bizarness. Allready, celebrity’s like Daphne Guinness are showing up in these extraordinary creations by Alexander McQueen.

Would you wear it?

AlexanderMcQueen SS 10

AlexanderMcQueen S/S '10, photo: Peter Stigter

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