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The king of Pantherprints started it’s own weblog!

Roberto tells on his weblog that he is glad he finally created his own weblog: ‘This is my way to feel close to you, to talk with you, to listen and advise, to share with you my successes and sometimes my problems.’

The weblog will be – of course – about fashion. Roberto is really serious about his role as entertainer: ”I will try to make you smile, not with fairy tales but with real stories of my life. A long life, full of emotions and adventures. I am here to prod you, to help and encourage you. Do not forget that I love you!’

 The way the blog looks is not really that fashionable yet, but what not is yet, can come!

Go check out Roberto Cavalli’s blog!

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Have you ever heard of the phenomanon ‘make-up party’ ? Well, I didn’t before. Now I do, and I absolutely love it. I was told to picture something like a Tupperware party, but with make-up. Well, they got me curious… 

Nine girls and a table filled with mirrors, make-up and other goodies: we were so ready for the Rimmel London make-up party. Make-up artist Dominique explained us what to do and let us choose a London-look. City Chic, please!  

It started with cleaning our faces and already we were surprised by the things we did not know yet. For instance, nobody of us knew that when you clean your face, you have to sprenkle the cottonpad with water(!). The make-up artist turned out to be an overflowing tips en tricks machine and many gasps followed.  

With our freshly cleaned and make-upless faces we learned the basics of the smokey-eye. Some of us tried two different things on each eye, which made it look like we were a couple of little girls playing with our mothers make-up. Good times. 

When we all learned what we wanted to learn we got a little present from Rimmel London make-up! Of course, the make-up artist did not leave before we all bought the newest make-up goodies for a very reasonable price.  

The night was ended with lots of wine, sharing tips about make-up and testing our freshly bought goodies! 

Excited? You can book your own party! Check out Rimmellondon.com.  I can give also away a couple of Rimmel@home parties! Mail me your name, age and telephone number (and if you have one, your blog) and maybe you will win your own make-up party at home!

 [NOTE at 27 March: This competition is closed. The two lucky girls who won their own Make-up party are Jolien and Suzanne! Have fun girls!]

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Kate Moss has been the face of Longchamp for four years now. And what happens when you work somewhere for quite a while? You get promoted! This promotion is quite a unique one, because Kate has been asked to design a signature line of handbags.

The supermodel worked with Longchamp artistic director Sophie Delafontaine on the collection which will be labeled Kate Moss for Longchamp. So get your Kate Moss for Longchamp from  Feb. 11.

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Regular readers may know that I like Little Black Dresses ánd online shopping paradise Net-a-Porter. So you can understand that the following appealed very much to me:

Net-a-Porter.com made a digital magazine version: The LBD Issue. Designers and Fashion experts share their opinion about the dresses that are top 10 LBD’s in Net-a-Porter’s history. Of course, you’ll see Kate Moss, Princess Diana, Coco Chanel and even Betty Boop. Who’s on number 1? See for yourself!

The LBD Issue by Net-a-Porter.com

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