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The king of Pantherprints started it’s own weblog!

Roberto tells on his weblog that he is glad he finally created his own weblog: ‘This is my way to feel close to you, to talk with you, to listen and advise, to share with you my successes and sometimes my problems.’

The weblog will be – of course – about fashion. Roberto is really serious about his role as entertainer: ”I will try to make you smile, not with fairy tales but with real stories of my life. A long life, full of emotions and adventures. I am here to prod you, to help and encourage you. Do not forget that I love you!’

 The way the blog looks is not really that fashionable yet, but what not is yet, can come!

Go check out Roberto Cavalli’s blog!

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The Selby.com is such an inspirational website. The founder of it, Todd Selby, decided to make a book of most of his work.

Am I going to fast? Todd Selby is a fashion and interiours photographer and he shot portraits of dynamic and creative people—authors, musicians, artists, and designers—in their home environments and posted them on his web site.

The book, The Selby is in your place, consists of over thirty profiles, many of which have never-before-seen, selected exclusively for the book. The result is a collection of unique spaces bursting with energy and personality that together create a colorful hodgepodge of inspirational interiors.

The book can be bought here!

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