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This season you saw them everywhere on the catwalk, from Rodarte to Chanel: tattoos. Not real ones, of course. They used transfers and bodypaint. I have to admit, the Chanel tattoos are very pretty. That’s probably what Chanel was thinking as well, because you can buy them. What? Buy a bunch of fake tattoos?

That’s right! Just like you used to do as a kid (admit it, you walked around with the tattoos that came with bubblegum). Well, it is very high fashion nowadays. You didn’t ever think that would happen, now did you?

Besides that, it has many more benefits than a real tattoo: It goes off (very important), it’s chanel (also very important!) and they only cost you fifty euros!

Les Trompe L’œil de Chanel, set of 55 individual tattoos, £49 by Chanel

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