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I have a weakness. I tend to like some people without (really) knowing them. Like the colourful Anna Piaggi or the ‘Black Widow of Fashion’ Diane Pernet. I was lucky enough to have met Diane during London Fashion Week and she was fabulous.

On her weblog ‘ashadedviewonfashion.com’ she has interviewed the Dutch designer Iris van Herpen.

Iris van Herpen talks about her show in London, her collection Radiation, the materials she uses and her plans for the future.

Read the entire interview here.

Iris van Herpen, Photography by Rollan Didier

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So, I’ve been so busy this week. I was in London, assisting the Dutch designer Mada van Gaans during London Fashion Week. I reported for ELLE.nl, I have translated it for you! Enjoy!

Mada van Gaans and other Dutch designers are showing their fashion during London Fashion Week in a Dutch Cultural Pop-up Space. 

In the centre of London (Riding House street 40/42) is a space especially for Dutch designers Mada van Gaans, Bas Kosters, Iris van Herpen, EnD, Conny Groenewegen and Non by Kim. After a couple of hours building up the gallery – and a visit by Iris van Herpen who showed her collection on saturdaynight – de space is completely transformed to a chic showroom filled with designs from Holland. The windows are amazing. 

It is a must to explore the city. Especially when you see all the creative, fashionable types that seem to have taken over the city. From extraordinaire facial decoration to the coolest undergroundpeople covered in piercings: it is very visible that there is a fashionfeast going on in town.

Mada notices the love for leg-fashion in London, people show their legs in such a sophisticated way. Besides that, the gallant nature of the men is a pleasure. Allready two gentlemen have offered to carry our bags. When will these guys visit Holland?!

Around the area of London Fashion Week (SummerSetHouse) is so much going on. Expositions, fashion exhibitions and an unusual amount of talented designers showing their designs in a ‘pass-only’ area. We even ran in to Diane  – Black Widow of Fashion – Pernet, and after Bas Kosters en Mada van Gaans chatting with her, we saw all that talent that showed in here.

To our surprise we saw a exact kopy of a Fong Leng golden ruffles pants at a designer, which name I shall not name. Outside there are lots of people ready with their SLR camera’s, ready to shoot all those fashionable people.

After enjoying a typical English meal – eh.. Thai – we grab a cab and go to East-West London for an underground bar/café. It’s filled with tiny paintings, a moving horse head, walldecorations, garden gnomes and the toilet is a true photo-exhibition about fashionable London. The music is a great mix of 80’s music and poprock, and tout fashionable London sings a long.

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Oh joy, here in Holland we have so much great Fashion events! Twice every year, there is an event called Modefabriek (fahion factory). Tell me more, tell me more!

Here’s the deal: you can’t get in, unless you are a fashion professional, so you nééd a KVK number (which shows you work in fashion). But when you get in, it is fabulous.

An entire building filled with fashion and this year there is special attention to the creative Belgians. And not just fashion, you can look at photography by Sonny Vandevelde (photographer for NY Times online and Black widow of fashion: Diane Pernet).

So, try to get in! You’re gonna love it.

24th and 25th of January 2010
Amsterdam, RAI

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