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Fashion Fringe is looking for new talent! And John Galliano is helping them.

Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden is looking for cutting edge, iconoclastic talent in design and creativity to continue the tradition of Vivienne Westwood, Hussein Chalayan and the late Alexander McQueen. Where Donatella Versace helped Fashion Fringe at first, it is now John Galliano’s job to find the new fashion genius.

“I am hoping we find a rebel genius. I will look for someone who reminds me of me when I was starting out – someone original, unique, who has their own style and handwriting and isn’t afraid to try something new. Fashion sometimes gets scared and plays it too safe – but I want to push boundaries,” he said.

Are you that fashion rebel? Go take a look at FashionFringe.co.uk.

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Stella – ‘Green designer’ – McCartney is designing a jewellery line. Not just any jewellery line, a Disney Alice in Wonderland themed jewellery line. She created a limited edition necklace and bracelet filled with rabbit charms and hearts and spades charms. Not just Stella McCartney is supporting the Alice in Wonderland theme (which is such a coincidence, considering the movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with Johnny Depp is about to release!) but also Swarovski designed Alice in Wonderland themed jewellery. (see below) Funky!

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